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Hire an Acoustical Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Hire an Acoustical Consultant?

Welcome to Ebony And Ivory, as acoustical consultants we offer cost-effective noise control solutions for Architects and Real Estate Developers, We help eliminate the most common noise pollution related complaints associated with  work environments like hotels, auditoriums, and schools. We deliver a quite environment.

At Ebony And Ivory we are committed to helping you deliver a design that sounds as good as it looks. Hiring us as your acoustical consultant is one of the most important things you as an architect or developer can do to ensure the integrity of your design.

Our passionate commitment to your peace of mind is what makes us different from other companies. That is why we always say "Do it once and do it right".

Importance of School and Classroom Acoustics?

Much of what is learned in school happens through hearing and listening. If the noise levels are not designed properly for classrooms students can be prohibited from optimal learning. For example, high levels of background noise generated by HVAC equipment, poor room acoustics, or intrusion of noise from outside the classroom can affect academic performance.

Careful consideration must be given to reverberation times, particularly in the primary grades where the young student's ears are not fully developed. They also do not possess yet, the ability to 'interpret' what is being said if they don't hear all the words. Children with normal hearing can miss as much as a third of what teachers say. This is why good acoustical design of the classrooms is imperative. We conduct background noise and reverberation time measurements in rooms to assess the problem and recommend solutions. Those who continually miss key words, phrases, and concepts because of poor listening conditions are significantly disadvantaged.

For more information on improving school or classroom acoustics, contact us

Importance of Auditorium Acoustics?

It is unfortunate that there are lecture halls, theatres and auditoriums that look beautiful, but sound bad.  Some have seats located in spots where it is almost impossible to understand what is being sung or spoken.  It is sad to think of all the hundreds of hours that go into rehearsal time by the lecturer or performers so that they can give a flawless delivery and yet they happen to be performing in a space with inferior acoustics.  All their diligence may be wasted. This doesn't even take into account the listener, who possibly bought a ticket to an event only to be disappointed because they couldn't hear clearly what they wanted to hear.  Their experience is diminished.

Criteria for Good Acoustics

  • Optimum reverberation time is a compromise between clarity (requiring short reverberation time), sound intensity (requiring a high reverberant level), and liveness (requiring a long reverberation time).
  • The optimum reverberation time of an auditorium is dependent on the use for which it is designed.
  • Important subjective attributes of concert hall acoustics include intimacy, liveness, warmth, loudness of direct sound, reverberant sound level, definition or clarity, diffusion or uniformity, balance and blend, ensemble, and freedom from noise.
  • Echoes, flutter echoes, sound focusing, sound shadows, and background noise should be avoided in an auditorium design.
  • The greater the early decay time (up to two seconds), the greater the preference for the concert hall.
  • Narrow halls are generally preferred to wide ones.
  • Preference is shown for halls having a high "binaural dissimilarity".
  • Less "definition" is preferred. Definition represents the ratio of energy in the first 50 milliseconds to the total energy.

The goal of a good acoustical consultant is to learn from their client what the uses of their client's space will be and to design that space so that regardless of where one is sitting, they can hear clearly, whether it is a choir performance, a play, a lecture, a concert or a multimedia event.

For more information on improving school or classroom acoustics, contact us

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